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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank You,,,,,

First I would like to say how amazed I am at how many people that have viewed my blog! This truly does touch my heart in such a special way. I have gone so long wondering and praying about what it is that God has placed me on this earth to do. It all seemed to come together as soon as I started this blog on January 4, 2012. I struggled at first with ideas on things to write about. But once that first piece was posted it was as if ideas and inspirations began to fall right into my lap. Somehow divine intervention stepped in and the words began flowing ever so eloquently and smoothly. I finally realized this was not just a hobby for me anymore. No it is so much bigger than that. I see that the things that I have gone through and grown from are all things that I am able to share to the world. By using my life lessons I pray that I am able to help others who may have been dealing with similar situations find their own voice on the matter. God has given me that voice to share with the world. This was suppose to be a way for me to use as a growing tool, but I am truly blessed that it has grown into something so much bigger than that. I will continue to give you all my honest,deepest,darkest truth about myself in hopes that I may touch even one person with my words and life lessons. 
So I once again I thank all of you that have taken time out of your lives to view my posts. And I will continue to allow God to use me and my life to continue to be

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